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Relief from discomfort doesn't have to be complicated

Relief and Wellbeing Through Intuitive Therapeutic Massage


Doula Massage, Prenatal and Postpartum Care 

Self-care is a must during pregnancy, and my sessions always include self-care training. Intuitive massage is perfect for moms before, during, and after pregnancy so you get the relief you need to feel your best and be empowered to care well for yourself and your baby.


Insomnia and Mood Swings

Physical or emotional trauma, post-surgery issues, and physical injuries can upset the delicate balance of sleep patterns and emotional wellbeing. Intuitive massage sessions restore that balance so you begin to see improvement right away. 


Chronic Pain Mobility

Chronic pain is no joke. We believe you. We listen. We help you make gradual changes so relief will come faster and mobility will increase. Massage therapy also increases your confidence and overall sense of wellbeing.

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If you've tried everything but massage to get relief, it's time.

Pain relief doesn't have to be that complicated. 

If you're tired of paying medical bills for treatment after treatment, and still you're not getting the relief you need, it's time to try massage therapy. 


We Offer Intuitive Therapeutic Massage for: 

Prenatal Care 


Doula Massage

✓ Surgery

 Postpartum Care

✓ Physical Trauma

Chronic Pain

Emotional Trauma

Mobility Issues

Mood Swings


You'll get relief, but we don't stop there.

Every massage includes a FREE aftercare session.

When you come to us for a therapeutic massage, we spend time with you. We listen. We maintain your privacy and comfort.

And then, guess what? 

We do NOT send you home empty-handed. We teach you how to change your daily habits and begin to make improvements. The next time you feel discomfort, you'll have the tools you need to feel better.

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What's so special about intuitive massage? 

During a massage, your muscles talk. I listen.

Intuitive massage allows me to discern what each muscle needs as I help you find relief.

From experience, I've learned how to interpret how muscles respond to massage. I discern energy levels, root issues, and imbalances during your therapeutic massage and make adjustments as I go to not only provide immediate relief but also to have the most significant impact on your long-term total wellbeing.

For example, I might discern that the root cause of your insomnia is an injury you experienced. This will help me create an effective treatment and a self-care plan so you can find relief between massage therapy sessions.

Relaxing Massage

My experience with Ilse at Mystical Renaissance Massage therapy was by far the best. Not only was she in tune with my body's needs but she was also able to release tension without making me sore the following day. I plan to continue my sessions with her regularly. Thanks again Ilse, see you soon!

Rebecca M. 


Ready for Relief?

Here's how it works. 



Book a Session

Booking a session is easy. Select a time that works for you, pay for your session to hold your spot and automatically add the appointment to your calendar. 



Arrive 15 Minutes Early

This allows you time to settle in while we discuss the symptoms you're experiencing and the results you want.



Experience Relief

Enjoy the bliss of relief, and also receive a free aftercare session so you are equipped with a plan to continue improving between sessions.


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Book Your Session Now

You know it's time to get relief.


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